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Gravity water filters vs distillers, which is better?

Big Berkey water filter

Gravity water filters vs distillers, which is better?

A hands on comparison.
For this review I used the Big Berkey gravity water filte and the Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

both are solid stainless steel construction
Both give healthy water

Pros of gravity water filters
Gravity filters do not consume electricity; distillers run for hours and add to your electric bill.
Gravity water filters have no wait time, you have water in a few minutes; distillers need many hours to produce three liters;
Gravity water filters do not add to humidity; distillers produce a lot of humidity and in some environments aid mold growth.
Gravity water filters produce water of very pleasant to taste; distillers produce water that has an odd taste, you cannot drink much of it unless you add juices or make coffee (that tastes odd too).
Gravity water filters leave electrolytes (salts) in the water, thus no risk of muscle cramps and bone problems, or nail and hair problems (possible).
Gravity water filters are easy to clean and rarely need cleaning; distillers need to be cleaned daily and require scrubbing to remove hard deposits at the bottom of the boiler.

Gravity water filters beat water distillers on every count, except one, a very important one: pathogens: bacteria, viruses, mold. Although gravity water filters do a good job too, they should not be trusted if the water is contaminated; distillers give safe water, no matter what the condition of the water.

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Detailed review of the Big Berkey water filter

I will be adding here my experiences with the Big Berkey water filter with two black filter elements.


When the package was delivered I was surprised with how small it was. This was because the upper tanks fits in the bottom tank. The Big Berkey IS Big.


Honestly there is no need to read any instructions; assembling is intuitively obvious. Perhaps you need to understand what is meant by "priming" the black filter element. All there is to it is to allow low pressure water to flow into the filter, to force out air from the pores of the filter.Yes you need a rubber ring whcih you will wear on the filter mouth, and then apply it against your kitchen faucet. The simple rubber ring looks like a washer; this ring is called "priming tool", how extravagant.

Advice in priming the Berkey black filter element
Turn your faucet only a little, low pressure is needed. Wait, be patient till you see the filter "sweating".
Be patient till the entire outer surface of the filter is "sweating". Next rinse the sweat under the faucet and screw the filter in the holes at the bottom of the upper tank. Next block with the provided rubber plugs any unused holes (if you buy four filters there is no need to use the plugs).
Next attach the spigot on the bottom whole.

Oh yes, the handle of the lid of the upper tank; you do not need instructions to attach it.

You may ask me questions as comments below, and I will do my best to answer them.

That is all.


Fill up a big pot with water (tap or lake or river) and pour it onto the top tank. Repeat till it is COMPLETELY full.You will hear the water dripping into the bottom tank. In a matter of minutes there is plenty of water filtered. Do not drink the first batch! I discarded the first 3 batches, you can do this in a few hours. Then the big moment! Taste the water. A revelation! I have been using all kinds of water filters, the Big Berkey beats them all. Not only in taste. Lab tests show it to be perfect in filtering down so many toxic substances.

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How can I test my well for radon?

You can buy a radon test kit for water here:

You can buy a radon test kit for water here.

You may also contact NSF International at (800) 673-8010 and the Water Quality Association at (630) 505-0160.
You should not let radon enter your home through the pipes. Radon is the second most frequent cause of lung cancer, after cigarette smoking, in the United States.

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Is chelation therapy safe?

No, it is dangerous. It can cause severe problems including kidney failure and death.

What is the dangerous level of Uranium in water?

Uranium in drinking water is dangerous at 30μg/l and above.

My water has smells like rotten eggs. Is it safe?

The smell of rotten eggs is caused by hydrogen sulfide which the water picks up as it passes through the ground. It is not dangerous. However, you should investigate it with your local authorities and consider buying a filter.

Why water from the faucet is white?

This usually happens because there is high pressure in the pipes. Also cold intensifies this phenomenon. If you leave the glass of water to rest for a few minutes it clears up. This is not dangerous.

How can I know of alerts and emergencies in drinking water?

The U.S. Geological Survey WaterAlert service can send you e-mail or text (SMS) messages when certain parameters, as measured by a USGS real-time data-collection station, exceed user-definable thresholds. Enter your phone and email here: http://water.usgs.gov/wateralert/