Big Berkey water filter hands-on review

Big Berkey water filter hands-on review

The Big Berkey has been hailed as the perfect filter for sometime now. The reason is that independent tests have been giving it excellent marks: Apparently it filters out a great number of toxic materials, perhaps more than other filters.The filter elements of the Big Berkey water filter system are very popular and are used by some in systems of other brands. The taste of the filtered water of the Big Berkey has been praised as
comparable to spring water.

Now my hands on review. I can in no way question the results of water testing labs. Here are my observations. The system looks nice. The manufacturer claims it is stainless steel, and I believe it is, however what grade steel? There is no indication on the buckets of what grade steel it is made of. The buckets are thin and light, although of course this does not preclude high grade steel.

There is space for four filter elements, which you screw at the bottom of the upper bucket. The filters are solid and heavy. The system comes with rubber gaskets which are used to seal the filter at the bottom of the upper bucket. I do not like this, as I do not know what substances this rubier may release in the filtered water. I understand there are steel nuts that you can buy so you may circumvent this potential problem. The butterfly nuts that you use to tighten the filter elements on the upper bucket are plastic. Again I am not happy with my water dripping over plastic for hours every day.

The filter elements stand upright in the upper bucket, and thy give the feel of being wobbly.
The spigot is plastic. Another point that makes me unhappy.

THE VERDICT: The Big Berkey is a fine water filter system which gives you plenty of water at no energy cost, and fast. The quality of the water it gives you is as good as or better than any other system. The taste of the water is not comparable to spring water, it does a have a mild taste of something earthy, especially while you are boiling it, some people report.

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