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Gravity water filters vs distillers, which is better?

Big Berkey water filter

Gravity water filters vs distillers, which is better?

A hands on comparison.
For this review I used the Big Berkey gravity water filter and the Megahome Countertop Water Distiller

both are solid stainless steel construction
Both give healthy water

Pros of gravity water filters
Gravity filters do not consume electricity; distillers run for hours and add to your electric bill.
Gravity water filters have no wait time, you have water in a few minutes; distillers need many hours to produce three liters;
Gravity water filters do not add to humidity; distillers produce a lot of humidity and in some environments aid mold growth.
Gravity water filters produce water of very pleasant to taste; distillers produce water that has an odd taste, you cannot drink much of it unless you add juices or make coffee (that tastes odd too).
Gravity water filters leave electrolytes (salts) in the water, thus no risk of muscle cramps and bone problems, or nail and hair problems (possible).
Gravity water filters are easy to clean and rarely need cleaning; distillers need to be cleaned daily and require scrubbing to remove hard deposits at the bottom of the boiler.

Gravity water filters beat water distillers on every count, except one, a very important one: pathogens: bacteria, viruses, mold. Although gravity water filters do a good job too, they should not be trusted if the water is contaminated; distillers give safe water, no matter what the condition of the water.

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